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Ironman or sprinter? First triathlon or pro? A proper check list will get your equipment into your transition bag on race day.


Select the items for your race.


Add missing items to the textbox; one per line.

Click or touch triathlon race items

Click the "Finish" tab to display your list.


If you want to save your list for another race, login with your facebook account.

View List will create your triathlon race checklist on a new page

Lists will work online or offline.


Be "old skool" and print a hardcopy, or use your list "online" by clicking/touching the items after they are packed.

Print or ClickTouch items as they are packed for your triathlon race

If you are logged in with facebook, you can store your list for future races.


Get a great nights sleep knowing your bags are packed like a pro with your triathlon supplies .


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Ironman, half, olympic or sprint? Newbie, elite or pro triathlete? Triathletes win the packing with a race check list.

Jed's Triathlon Equipment Kit List.

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